This document is addressed to SharePoint Site Administrators. In many cases the Site Administrator is the same person as the SharePoint Administrator. In this case consult the “SharePoint Team-Mailer“ Installation Guide first.


The following chapters contain the setup instructions. Every instance (list) of the Team-Mailer has its own settings.

Team-Mailer Settings

The “Team-Mailer Settings” are located in the settings page (listedit.aspx) of every Team-Mailer list. Everybody that has the right to manage the list can enter the settings page. In the “Team-Mailer Settings” (SwitchGroups.aspx) you can select, to which groups the users are allowed to send group-e-mails. By default only the website-groups are displayed. You can also display website-collection-groups by changing the radio button to “Yes”.

Team-Mailer Content Types

By default the user is allowed to choose between sending an email in HTML-format or in text-format. If you want to restrict this behavior, just delete the content type you want to forbid in the settings (listedit.aspx) of the “Team-Mailer”-list.


Errors sending emails

User has no valid email-address

The Team-Mailer tries to send an email to every user of a group. If a user has no valid email-address (which also includes no email-address), this is counted as an error. You will find the corresponding hint in the log.

SMTP-Server problems (Failure sending mail)

Some SMTP-Server does not allow sending a huge amount of emails in a short time to avoid spamming. In this case you can find a log entry: Failure sending mail. Please contact the SMTP-Server administrator.

No log entries

If there are no log entries after sending a Team-Mail, the installation is faulty. Please consult the Installation Guide.

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